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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Health Talk

On 22nd October last week, myself and some of my female colleagues attended health talk at our Main Office Auditorium. The health talk organized by Petronita (if i'm not mistaken).

It's about Breast Cancer & Cervical Cancer Talk by Dr. Loong & Dr. Elizabeth from Normah Medical Centre. Both doctors put great emphasis on Prevention, Early Detection & Early Treatment. And we get lots of info during the talk, which is great and we can share the info amongs our female friends who unable to attend during that day.

Before started, sempat juak bergambar dlm auditorium. =)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

7 Days Before Holiday

I saw on my Vacation reminder, another 7 days to go. Can't wait. hee. ehe.he.hee (gatal nye) haa. ha.ah.aa. I think my married friend knew what I mentioned, kan Mimie kan. haa. ah.a.ahah.a And aku rasa tak salah aku 'gatal', besides, i'm going to meet tak lain tak bukan, my own husband. Kesianlah kat aku ni, namanya dah married tapi cuma merasa "married life" only for a week. Imagine that. hee. ehe.ee.e Anyway, lupakan bab bab married life ni.

Guess what! Yesterday, I browse at www.malaysiaairlines.com and I can't believe it, there is promotion price and another guess what? Much much cheaper compare to http://www.airasia.com.my

Of course I don't want to miss it, saper tak nak ticket murahkan? So, I call my brother and my mom if they want to join me (ialah, few times I asked Boy if he willing to travel, tapi always date tak betul due to their shutdown plan, and my mom as always, of course she say yes, tiket free katanya). And my brother Boy, lucky him this time. Yeay! And that mean Damian will fly or Bahasa Sarawak said, "naik belon" for the second time. First time Damian on flight during our trip to KK last April. At that time Damian just turn 1. And now, his next vacation, Damian exactly turn to 2 years old.

Wow!!! Now I can't wait for our family vacation. la.. la.. laa... laa... I know, Damian will have much much fun next time.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Bike

I know Damian is the most happiest person now. ha.a ha.ah.a.a His Daddy & Mummy bought him a new bike. However, Mama is the victim. Want to know why? Coz, Mama have to push him from behind, his leg tak cukup panjang to reach the paddle. keh.. keh.. keh.. Everytime he sit on the bike, he will say, " Mama, push ku."

Get Ready!

Got it!

Remember in my previous post, I mentioned that I bought a handbag from e-bay. Well, well, well, when I reached home yesterday evening.

I saw this. And my name printed on it. Wah!!!!!

Can't wait to open.

There you go.

Cantik tak?

laa. laaa. laaaa.. laaaa.... My own birthday gift for this coming November. Worth it. Shhh.... Didn't tell hubby yet! hee.. hee. hee.e...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thank You Lord

Praise to God, tak sangka dapat increament & bonus. Lepas bayar kereta aku tiap-tiap bulan. Yahoo!!!!

Dear God, I thank you for everything that you gave me. Murah rezeki nampaknya. Mungkin inilah yang dikatakan rezeki selepas berkahwin kot?

Laa.. la.. laa... boleh shoppinglah ni? Yes! I bought myself a handbag at ebay. A compliment for myself after bertungkus-lumus bekerjakan.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Aku Bosan!

Entah kenapa, aku rasa sungguh bosan minggu ni. Kerja kat office berlambak tapi aku macam malas sangat nak buatlah. Sungguh tidak produktif! hee. heee... heeee..... Blog aku ni pun seminggu dah senyap. Tak tahu nak tulis apa.

Last weekend, pergi Miri with my sister and my cousin. Nak hantar my niece sebenarnya. My niece nak balik Labuan after cuti 1 week. My cousin tu manalah nak drive sorang-sorang. Sudahnya, aku dan sister akulah jadi mangsa. Tapi, takde apa jugak yang menarik kat Miri. Puas aku pusing-pusing cari benda yang aku berkenan tapi takde. Aku cuma beli hadiah untuk Damian & Brandon jer. Then, Sunday morning hantar my niece pegi airport terus kita orang direct pergi Carmelite, attend Morning Mass. After mass tu sempat jugaklah aku beli Car Rosary (murah, compare kat Bintulu).

Anyway, Raya aritu, ada jugaklah few houses aku pergi. Beraya ngan kawan seoffice, best jugaklah, makan rendang, kari, ketupat, daging masak hitam. Fuh! La, ni nanti pun nak gi open house our colleague, katanya wife dia masak Laksa Johor. Almaklumlah, tahun ni dia orang tak balik beraya kat KL kan, so celebrate kat sini ajerlah jawabnya. Makan time.

Reached office around 2pm, beraya kat 2 buah rumah. Now, i'm sleepy and makin malas nak buat kerja. Boleh??? (",)

Friday, October 3, 2008

My BabY!

Perkenalkan, my new baby. Delivered to me on 30th September 2008. *wink*

Now I have my own baby to take care of. Before this, I used to drive either my mom or my sister's car which is sometimes I need to book first if I want to go out in the evening. Funny kan? But it true. Especially when my brother use mom's car to work everytime they have plant shutdown. And only 1 car left at home. And my mom always go out for her SIDS meeting lah, dinner lah, Tea Hour lah. And apa-apa aktiviti yang seangkatan dengannyalah. hee. hee.e. heee...

Since my sister move to the new office, she need to drive her own car. And that's why I'm decided to get one for myself and besides my mom can use it to work if her car used by my brother.