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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Weekend activities

Since it's Lent Season, we went to church last night to attend Station of The Cross. And Praise to Lord, my brother is joining us.
And what did our little Damian did? Everytime we kneel, he will kneel as well. So cute.
This evening, i'm going to meet up with my ex-schoolmate at SMVB. More than 10 years maybe we didn't see each other. Thanks to FB.
And tomorrow, will bring my cousin Brandon to A+. Promise him that I will treat him for an ice-cream. He represents his school for a storytelling at SRK Setiam in Tatau for 3 days starting next week. He's very proud when he told me that. Last year he won Pertandingan Mendeklamasikan Sajak, (he's Primary 2 last year). After the competition, his teacher asked him who teached him "membaca sajak", and he told his teacher, "My neighbour" (akulah tu). Punyalah aku hangin bila dengar he mentioned that, Why you didn't say i'm your sister instead a neighbour? he's laugh because we're staying next to each other he said. Brandon Brandon)Then during Teacher's Day he were asked by his teacher untuk membaca sajak. Bangga Bangga!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Prayer to St Agnes

Here is a a suitable prayer for the feast of St. Agnes from the hymn by Adam of St. Victor.

Let us gain courage for our own battle by honoring the martyrdom of the glorious virgin Agnes.

St. Agnes, vessel of honor, flower of unfading fragrance, beloved of the choirs of Angels, you are an example to the worth of virtue and chastity. O you who wear a Martyr's palm and a virgin's wreath, pray for us that, though unworthy of a special crown, we may have our names written in the list of Saints.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Wow!!! Sungguh cepat masa berlalu.

Another 1 week and 2 days and I will fly to KL again.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Received email pasal joke tok ari bala kaban bak Office pagi tadi. Lucu gak, bendar kami ketawa.

The End

To end my entry during my KL trip last week, here's the view of KLCC from our house.

p/s: Will fly to KL again next week. hee..hee..heee...

My Collection

Nah!!!!! This is some of my new stuff... Liz Claiborne.

LC Stripe Wallet.

LC Groove Hill Hobo in Red.

Enti bisi ari, ila aku mantai LC aku ke bukai. Bedau maioh gik, bisi 2-3 iti aja. Mr. Hubby puh ngelara aku, everytime dik ke KL mesti bisi parcel untuk dik ko ia ga. Tau muka kedai handbag seduai dik mak dik ila ko ia ga. Ia heran amat meda ba bilik aku dah kelalu maioh handbag tapi still meh ka meli. Nya aku nundi Mr. Hubby, sementara agik single aku meli utai ke ka aku awak ke nambah koleksi ko aku ga, ila dah bisi bala "rakyat" nyau enda kitai kiruh meli utai diri empu ko aku ga nundi ia. Maioh amat jawapan dik ko ia ga, ila meh meda ko ia sambil ngeleng kepala.
Sebedau pulai ke Bintulu sarinya sempat ga aku berjanji enda meli handbag agi bulan tok ila, tang susah amat ga takut janji tinggal janji. hee..hee.. Menung kami dua Mr. Hubby ke Bangsar Village sarinya bisi meh tetemu ke kedai Liz Claiborne tok, nyau Mr. Hubby ke mai aku tamak kia, meda rega ko ia ga. Ngam-ngam handbag aku ke merah di atas nya bisi siti stock aja alu nanya rega kami dua, apu! jauh mat different harga ia. Kira ke jauh gik murah aku meli online sarinya.

KL Trip - Part 5

Lebuh aku di KL sarinya, Wawa bisi diau enggau kami dua Mr. Hubby masa ujung minggu. So, ari minggu lemai kami dua Mr. Hubby pun nganjung ia pulai ke rumah ia (almaklumlah maioh amai ga gari di bai ia ke rumah nyau nyadi dobi tudah rumah Mr. Hubby - sebakul besai gari ia di bai ia kia, mesti minta charge nya bulan 3 tok ila deh. hee..hee..hee...).
On the way ka ngajung ia, aku alu suggest mai seduai ia Mr. Hubby pergi Crimson Damansara, engka bisi utai manah ko aku. Suba bulan 12 aku kin bisi few kedai baru beroperasi din.
Double Story Starbucks di tengah-tengah Crimson.



Winnie The Pooh

Lilo & Stich


Sempat bergambar enggau Pinochio.


Cute endar ga baju jeans tok eh!

Kedai Full House.
Ren, mesti nuan rindu meda kedai tok, kedai ala-ala Inggeris. Di atas ia kedai ba baruh ia Cafe endur org lepak. Teringin ka ngambi gambar tapi kelalu maioh org ngirup dia lemai nya. Cantik kedai tok laban ia English Style, nyual perabot / deko English enti enda silap aku.

Donald Duck tengah menjeling.

Mickey Mouse.

Nemo & Friends.

Bisi siko org berangan sarinya. =)

Maioh character Cartoon Disney ba dia sarinya tang meh laban ke nadai mai camera. Tok pun di ambi aku ngena camera HP. Tudah Wa bisi mai camera tang nyau kong ga battery camera ia. Kasih amat. Geram meda bala sidak Cartoon Disney. Bisi Minnie, Daisy, The Lion King meh tapi maioh enda kena ambik gambar laban ke nadai camera. Sidak orang pun bisi bejual T-shir Disney, mug, payung tapi kami tiga enda meli, umbas ia ga mahal deh.

Monday, February 23, 2009

What is that?

Yeay!!! I bought it online early December last year. I'm waiting for this parcel since last December but the buyer's friend from US forgot to courier it with the other items. So, I have to wait for almost a month. huhuhu
Anyway, Mr. Hubby received it one week before my KL trip.

Well, what inside the box??? Will reveal it soon. hee..hee..hee..

KL Trip - Part 4

Since our place is about 5 minutes driving to Tasik Titiwangsa, so I asked Mr. Hubby to bring me there in the evening. Normally we went there around 6:00pm. Lots of people over there, jogging, "berdating", lepak-lepak, makan-makan and etc.
We decided to have a walk. Gosh!! It took us 45 minutes walk. I'm sweating. =) And we managed to see sunset. Very nice view.
KLCC View from Tasik Titiwangsa.
The Sunset.

Would love to go there again next time.

KL Trip - Part 3

I'm craving for Big Apple & Starbucks. ngeee.. hee..hee... So, everytime during my KL trip I will not miss out this place (if tak lepak pun, mesti drop by).

Big Apple for 3 of us.

Durian Flavour & Cheese flavour.
And finally, Starbucks for 3 of us.
Ooopss. This is not for sale. hee..hee..hee.. That's my Roti Telur Gardenia. I make it the other day (when I still in KL). While watching TV in the afternoon, feel like I want to "munchy munchy", and I saw few breads left, so I prepared my Roti Telur with cheese.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

KL Trip - Part 2

OK! Now I know it really tough to work as a fulltime housewife. During my stay in KL for a week I WORK as a fulltime housewife (hee..hee..hee.., mcm kena force jer), I have to wake up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for Mr. Hubby. But sometimes (not every day) Mr. Hubby will go and buy Nasi Lemak with Paru (my favourite) for our breakfast.
After breakfast, Mr. Hubby will go to work, and I start to clean the house, do laundry and prepare for our lunch. In between (after I prepare our lunch), I normally watch movie (Mama Mia) or watching HBO. Then in the evening waiting for Mr. Hubby to come home and we have our tea time. After that I will prepare our dinner. That is my routine everyday. Eventhough it sounds boring but I love this job very much. Once in a while yes, I can do this but not every day I guess??? Know what I mean?? (",)
Then, one of the menu that I prepared is Laksa Sarawak. Thanks to Wawa, She helped me in preparing the sambal laksa (of course I have to guide her).

My Laksa.

Laksa, ready to be eaten. Yummy!

p/s: Sungguh happy, my kek lapis sungguh laku. Colleagues Mr. Hubby said, sungguh sedap kek itu. Wah! Wah! Wah! Kembang hidung. hee..hee..hee... I packed those cake lapis, 1 for his colleagues and another one for his student. But then, his Boss saw the other pack and terus tapau.Kesian his student tak merasa sebab dah kena kebas with his boss. Takpe, next time buat lagi.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

KL Trip - Part 1

Yeeehaaa... Finally, I've got my Crocs.

The story goes like this. On Wednesday, Mr. Hubby on 24 hours duty and means that he will get his day off on Thusday. So, we decided to go to Subang Parade to find it. Remember, I plan to buy Crocs for Mr. Hubby for his birtday gift?

Once we arrive at Subang Parade, we headed to Crocs and tried the one that he likes the most, Yukon. And myself of course, tried Seuded Alice. However, unlucky me, they don't have my size. hua hua hua How come??? As we don't want to waste our time, we asked the salegirl to call their branch if there any size at OU, Tropicana and few brances. But then, still no good news.

Anyway, I just get Yukon for Mr. Hubby. Then we decided to go to Mid Valley, eventhough I know Mr. Hubby not very happy when I mentioned Mid Valley (he hates it).

Maybe by God Will, we mistakenly taking direction and headed to Bangsar instead to Mid Valley. And when we try to make U-turn to turn back to Mid Valley, I saw Bangsar Village. And I said, "Let's try over here. I think the Salesgirl mentioned about Bangsar Village." After we parked the car, then we go to Bangsar Village. Yes!! I've got my size but no red colour. I'm so disappointed. Mr. Hubby suggest that I go for the Brown colour so that our shoes will match.

And yes, now we have a matching crocs. We smile ear to ear on that day and I lost my RM378.00 for these two crocs. But, no matter how much I spend, I don't care about it. As long as I treat myself once in a while. (if every month mampuslah sayakan!).

Our Matching Crocs.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Key Chain

Thanks to En. HFZ (bak kata Wawa). During my trip to KL, received a key chain with Starbuck logo. Eventhough it a small gift but appreciate it very much (at least he remembered me, kan Wawa kan). Not like Wawa, always forget about me. Oh! I only knew that even the Chelsea key chain & Chelsea car sticker also given by En HFZ. En HFZ is the one who reminds Wawa that I'm the fans of Chelsea. Apa punya cousinlah Wawa ni!!!!!

Oh ya! I still don't have enough time to write my story as a 1 week fulltime housewife. (",)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


In conjunction with MLNG HSE Week, our team are invited to lead warming up & Poco-Poco Dance.

The Banner
"Lepaking" before the event started.

The Representatives.

Warming Up Session.

Participants berPoco-Poco.

MDD SuperWoman with their Team Manager. hee..hee..hee..

Yes, I have fun this morning (boleh escape sekejap from work and release tension!).

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I'm back.

I miss Mr. Hubby.

Lots of documents / files on my desk, need to clear everything by today.

And thanks God, (lucky me!), my boss is not around, outstation to Labuan.

And tomorrow morning, our team are requested to lead Poco-Poco for HSE Week.

And yes, lot of stories, pictures to shares, but i'm too lazy.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Yeay!!!! Time for holiday.

I will be in KL today until 17th February.
Menjadi fulltime housewife for a week. =)


Monday, February 9, 2009


Another 1 day to go. =)

Rezeki jangan ditolak

Yahoo!!!!!! Don't believe it!!!! No wonderlah there is another extra RMXXXX in my a/c. I don't even dare to withdraw the RM and keep wondering where the extra RM come from.

And this morning I saw my payslip on intray, sekali buka hee..hee.hee.. hati ku berbunga riang. No wonderlah.... laa...laa..laa...laa...laa...laaa.....

So, once I landed in KL tomorrow, will have a visit to Crocs Yeehaa....!!!!!!

What a Day - Part 2

7:30am : Wake up
8:10am : Go to Church
10:45am : Breakfast at Park City Area & went to Dr. Ho clinic (Damian sakit, kesian)
12:00 : Sampai rumah - i'm exhausted, not enough rest rasanya.
1:00pm : Baru teringat kena beli bahan2 untuk kek. Then pergi Kedai kek at Park City, pergi Mall & Farley. Reached home around 3pm. Bila masa nak buat kek ni???

4:00pm : Start buat kek
6:00pm : Kek dah masak. Lega.....

Ya, puan-puan inilah kek yang saya buat semalam. Kek Lapis Azura. Yummy!!! I'm going to bring this Cake Lapis to KL tomorrow. I want to give this cake to Mr. Hubby's colleagues. Wah! Wah! Wah! Baik betul aku ni kan? hee..hee..hee.. Nak promote kek lapis kot? haa..haa..haa..

p/s : Sorry Mr. E. Once again we broke our promise. Supposed to go out to the beach yesterday and having ABC & rojak. Tapi kek Wawa pulak still not ready.