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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year 2008

I'm back and tomorrow will be new year. Apa azam for next year??? Me?? Plan to buy house (doa-doa di murahkan rezeki).
Anyway, here's some picture during my cousin, Navra engagement on 26th Dec 2007.
Mak & Damian interframe.

Navra & Alison control ayu / handsome.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Free Time

Well, well, well, yesterday all Muslims celebrate Hari Raya Aidiladha. And that means HOLIDAY!!!! yay!!! yay!!! yay!!! However, it not a holiday for us yesterday. haa. ha.a haa... We're too busy with our house chores. Well, few days back I asked my brother if he wants to paint our house, again! Few years ago, we paint our house in pink and now we plan to have purple. Luckily my brother said YES. mwuahhaaahaaa..... He said YES but I have to buy all the stuff, poor me. Padan Muka!!! And i spent almost RM250 for all the KCC paints & also for the roller and the paint brush.

Boy & Lina while do the painting.

And, this is the result.

Monday, December 17, 2007


When I saw this picture yesterday, I remember that Damian's daddy also took the same picture just like this. Except that his Daddy maybe about 3 or 4 years old at that time. And even my mom also said the same thing. hee. ehe. ehe... He looks so cute with the big sunglass. haa. haa.. haa.a... Can't wait to see him grow up. But, for sure one thing that I don't like about Damian, when he wants something he will cried aloud so that we will follow what he said. And even he scream sometimes so that we can give full attention to him. huh!! bad attitude of Damian. I don't like it. And i'm afraid it will spoil him one day.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Westlife - I Do

Wow!!! What do you think of this song?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bee Movie

Last Sunday me, my sister & my cousins, Brandon & Connie went to City Point to watch a movie. Bee Movie. Quite funny and Brandon keep laughing while watch the movie. haa. haa. haa.. Actually my cousin, Brandon, dapat free ticket to watch movie coz top 10 dalam kelas. His dad & his mom unable to go coz both of them are too busy with their "sawit" plantation and asked my sister to bring them. Aku tok jadi kaki sibuklah also want to join. hee heee.. hee... However, both my sister actually so so frustrated coz the cineplex actually dah list down the movies for those kids yang dapat free ticket. And we are so dissapointed because the movie is 18SG. How could they let the kids to watch that kind of movie? it's a free ticket for kids they should let the kids to watch Bee Movie. So, at the end, Brandon didn't use the ticket and Lina has to keluar the duit. hee. hee. hee.e. Poor Lina, and she promised Brandon that he will use his ticket next time before the school open for 2009.


OMG??? minggu ni pesta makan ke apa? hu..hu..hu.... so many lunch invitation for this week. Yesterday ada lunch at Golf Club, today also another lunch and this coming Friday we have gathering also and still at Golf Club. This coming Friday the event organize by Bronyka & Stephen. Both of them belanja our Procurement Dept for Christmas. Since both of them taking off early before Christmas so both of them decided to belanja us this week.

So, give me a reason how to decline the inviation? hee. hee. ehe.e..

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Lunch @ Golf Club

Suddenly this morning I was invited to have lunch at Golf Club bersempena dengan retirement of our Project Services Advisor, En. Abdul Rahman Abdullah. Sponsored by Puan Hayati our Procurement Executive. Thanks Yati. We ate curry ikan, midin, chicken in thai sauce, ikan bilis goreng (fuh! sedap), black papper beef, sizzling japanese tofu & brinjal & fruits. Sedap juak makanan kat sitok. last time used to eat here during Tiga. but the, sik mampu gik makan sia. ha.a haa. haa.. but, worth it lah makan sitok. the food is good.

The Result is....

Yesterday afternoon I went to the clinic to collect my medical report. Hu..Hu..hu... the doctor told me that I kekurangan darah. and he put me on medication for 2 months. After 2 months i need to go to the clinic again to get my blood test. Once i reached home, i told my mom and my sister and both of them marah-marah with me coz they know i control my makan. i always refuse to take red meat and see what happen now. This morning mom told me that she will go marketing and buy me hati tut tut (haa. haa. haa.). She said she will prepare liver soup and asked me to eat the hati. yulk... i don't like to eat hati lah mak... so how??? and even she asked me to start eating red meat in 2 months time and see the result. hua..hua.. hua.. don't want don't want don't want.

Friday, November 30, 2007

This is COOL

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Medical Check Up

Hem..... I went for my Medical Check Up this morning. So bad, ramai org, terpaksa tunggu lamak. My mistake juak sik molah appointment. hu..hu..hu... dahlah kelaparan sebab fasting since last nite. =(

oh ya, on 27th November masa aku baru balik dari kerja. Bila sampai rumah i'm so surprised to see my nephew dah pandai duduk. wow!!!! so fast!!! i really love to see him grow up. betul2 terkejut. Damian is really a gift from God to us. Thanks God for sending us our little Damian. He makes us smile everyday.

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Rose - LeAnn Rimes

I should find LeAnn Rimes CD. I should. I loves all her songs.

Bon Jovi feat Leann Rimes - Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore

I love this song!!!! Really....

And it feels like - Leann Rimes (smallville)

Nice song.


Yesterday, I hantar my fiance to the airport. his cuti dah habis and resume duty hari tok. have to wait another 7 months baru nak jumpa my fiance lagi. hu...hu..hu.... so sad....

Pagi tok pulak kerja bertimbun, pening palak nanga documents atas meja. thew..... bilalah kerja aku tok nak habis. then Dec. plan nak cuti lagik. harap2 my boss will approve my leave. hopefully.....

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More to Come....

Pictures During My Engagement

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Picture

Monday, November 19, 2007

Thank You

Thanks God semuanya berjalan dengan selamat. And thanks also to my family yang banyak bertungkus-lumus prepare semuanya, especially my mom yang sik menang tangan kata orang. And also to my colleagues yang sudi datang, Olson, Kuya Riz, Victor, Frankie, Kharil & friends, Swee Lin and the others, thank you sebab sudi datang to witness my special day.

Anyway, when the pictures are ready i will post it here. =)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New Faces of Our Damian

Menawan Puncak Gunung Kinabalu

Last Saturday, our Contracts Dept. plan nak buat ekspedisi menawan puncak Gunung Kinabalu. So, I submitted my name as well. Besides, nang dah lamak juak berangan nak mendaki Gunung Kinabalu. Since dah ada peluang so why don't I give myself a try. Lagipun sementara masih single bah. hee. he e.hee..

Then baru tadik I call my bf asking him if he OK sik suruh aku pergi. Thanks dear. Since it's a trip organize by our officemate and about 20 peoples going so he said OK. Then by November I have to masuk gym lah. Otherwise how to climb Gunung Kinabalu. he.e hee. hee...

This is not a plan lah Agnes!!! Dah beli tiket pun untuk pergi KK next year. but then, even dah beli tiket pun might be sik jadikah plan nak tawan gunung Kinabalu. if sik jadi, just pegi KK ajaklah. Cuti-cuti. Besides dah lamak juak sik pegi KK. The last time I went there I think few years ago with my friend Edwina. Oh! I will inform Edwina aku nak naik Gunung, mesti nya jealous. Ialah dari dolok kamek duak plan nak naik Gunung, nak pegi Mulu. tapi satu pun sik menjadi. apatah lagik kenek tok Edwina dah ada anak satu. hee. eh. eeh.. Ed!!! aku akan memenuhi impian kita duak. hee. he.eh e.e..

Open House Hari Raya

last week banyak gilak invitation untuk Open House Hari Raya. sampai ada certain ya aku terpaksa tolak dengan polite. Takut juak nak pegi open house tok, makan banyak gilak. haa. haa. haa.. So, aku just pegi 2 open house ajak. first ya, dekat MLNG housing. Our senior project engineer. Nya orang Penang and her husband also orang Malaya juak. banyaklah makan-makan, sik terlarat. ada kuah kacang, ada satay, ada rendang ayam, ada dalca, ada nasi himpit, nang macam2lah, and lots of cheese cakes. thanks Kak Mina.

and then on Saturday ya, pergi beraya ke rumah Suhana kat IPD. i loves laksa Sarawak. Suhana's mom cook laksa Sarawak and mostly kamek org semua makan laksa Sarawak dua kali seorang. ha.a hana.. then her mom's also cook chicken curry and also ada kuah kacang, ketupat, nasi himpit but still we loves laksa sarawak. hee. hee. hee..

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Victoria Secret

Hua.. Hua... Hua.... So sad!!!! i'm expecting to get my Victoria Secret bodymist but my kawan punya sister tersalah beli. she bought body lotion. We don't have Victoria Secret's here so that why I asked her sister to buy Victoria Secret's in US.

There is one place sell Victoria Secret at The Curve but then it's quite expensive. thought that since it cheaper beli di US. hu..hu.. hu... Sedihnya. What to do lah. Then need to ask my boyfriend oopppsssss fiance to be (ha.. ha.. haa..) to get me one then.

So frustrated lah.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

17th November 2007

Hem..... what so special about that date??? hee. he. ehe.e.. Adalah tu.

Anyway, during Hari Raya holiday i just stay at home spend my time with our little Damian. Boleh tahan juak melayan kerenah Damian ia sepanjang 3 hari stay kat rumah. Banyak ragam. sometimes pening juak kepala nangga his kerenah so nakal, but i love to see him growing up. haa.haa. aha.. and yesterday he can clap his hand if you ask him to do so. So cute.....

Semalam we all dah start kerja but so quite at the office. Only few of us yang kerja tapi dept we all riuh sikitlah coz mostly semua ada. and today, our expeditor, Dzul, yg baru masuk kerja last week, brings lots of cake and cookies, peanuts & sweets. ala2 rumah terbukalah pagi tadik. =) and we invite those yg passing by our dept to stop buy and try the cakes. and one of the mat salleh was so fascinated as he saw the kek lapis.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Hua.. Hua.. Hua..... sunyi nye..... Yesterday my mom pergi Kuching. They have function on Saturday evening. Attend Dinner for Sarakup members. ish... ish... ish.... sunyi malam tadi.

Anyway, si Damian makin hari makin banyak ragam. Recently, his Mama Lina teached him buat bunyi "motor". haa. haa. haa.. hodohnya muka Damian.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Balik Kampung

Yea.. Yea... yesterday balik kampung. fuh!!! tapi penatlah juak because day trip pergi Tubau. pagi kosong keta tapi bila nak balik ya wah...., penuh bonet kereta. haa. haa. aha.. banyak lalu barang auntie sumbat dalam bonet kereta. Ada pucuk ubi, buah ubi, buah belimbing, jambu air, buah kelapa, buah betik, jagung and segala macam sayur. hee. ehe. hee...

Even masa lunch pun berselera makan. ada lauk special auntie masak. wah!!!! sedap. even auntie bekalkan sekali. nang berselera juak makan marek dahlah lamak sik sembang2 ngan my auntie and my uncle. this Christmas mesti meriah coz dah tambah 1 family member, Damian. =)

Monday, September 17, 2007

My Weekend

Well, sikda apa story happening last weekend. Cuma malam Sabtu ari ya attend my cousin empun enggagement. Terkejut pun ada coz si Neil ada sekali malam ya. Sempat juak aku kenak anok si Neil. ehe. hee. ehe.. Sorry Neil.

Then, Sunday cam biasa pergi church. sementara menunggu my mom and my sister hantar my cousin to sunday school sempat juak ambik gambar si Damian dlm keta. hee. hee. ehe.. Balik dari church apa lagilah, nangga TV sampey petang. nak pegi jalan2 kat Bazaar Ramadan pun malas, almaklumlah cuaca panas. =)

Damian knows how to laugh infront of camera.

Damian with Mummy.

Damian with Daddy.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Dear Damian

Damian dengan kebolehan mengigit jari kaki. =)

Damian with his ugly face.

Friday, September 7, 2007

So boring!

Sik tauklah apa hal minggu tok rasa boring lalu. kat office pun rasa boring, sik bersemangat nak bekerja tapi kerja banyak. hee.ehe. ehe... maybe ada masa sikda semangat nak kerja kali. hujung minggu pun just duduk rumah ajak. esok public holiday sik kerja coz birthday TYT Sarawak. pun sikda apa2 nak polah. dahlah geng2 aku masa TIGA dolok pun mostly sikda di Bintulu agik. yalah rasa boring, sidak member nak di embak untuk keluar. apatah lagi sikda kereta nak pakey berjalan. hee. hee.h ee.. tauk2 lah, malas juak nak makey kereta org. kelak baru nak keluar lekak ya owner keta madah nak keluar giney. hee. hee. ehe...

Ngan si Damian pun aku jarang dah bermain ngan nya. everytime ku balik kerja nya dah tidur. sik best lalu. =) tapi si Damian dah ada kemahiran. kemahiran molah "ugly face". haa.. haa...ha... nang benar2 ugly lah muka Damian masa ya.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Merdeka dAy

Well, nothing much happening yesterday. Plan to watch the National Day Parade on TV yesterday morning but then my mom asked me to join her. She said she don't want to drive alone to Ulu Sebauh. and i know it going to be bored so i bring Brandon to go with me. luckily he willing to go. Actually, me and Brandon just duduk ajak kat kebun ya. my mom pergi menyemai, nak tanam padi katakan. i never been going there and i never see my mom tanam padi for all this while, eventhough nya dah tanam padi for many years. almaklumlah everytime she bring me, i give so many excuses. and I know why Brandon wants to follow us, coz it was his Birthday today. Biasalah, menagih birthday gift. hee. ehe. ehe... i don't know what i want to buy for him.

And si Damian makin hari makin nakal. geram nangga nya. marek nya dapat patung si Patrick. maybe his dad bought it for him. bukan main lagik nya peluk. might be will take his picture with Patrick and then sent it to his auntie Wawa.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


A Go Go!

His face masa baru bangun tidur. =)
Serius lalu muka Damian masa dalam kereta. =)

Brainstorming Session

Huh.. semalam dept. mek orang pergi brainstorming session kat Kidurong Club. Very interesting, biasalah that is the time untuk meluahkan segala perasaan, masalah kat office. hee. hee. ehe.. 1 day brainstorming session. =)

oh ya! last Sunday evening, we all very excited coz Damian dah
boleh meniarap. apa lagi terus ambik gambar nya sebab nak sent
pergi Auntie Wawa. After struggling so many times akhirnya dapat juak nya meniarap.