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Thursday, May 29, 2008


Yes, Yes, Yes. HTB just bought my ticket to KL on the 4th November until 11th November 2008. What a coincidence, my birthday is on the next day bah! Means, I will celebrate my birthday with him this year. =)

It sound pelik right, when HTB bought my ticket very early, lagipun it will be in November, another 5 months plus bah tu. Ialah, pakai AirAsia have to plan awal-awal and my ticket RM165 only, murahkan.

Anyway, can't wait to meet HTB. He will be here tomorrow afternoon for his Gawai holiday (1 month). His flight, 11:30am from KL but I don't think that I'm able to meet him coz he might be tired and lazy to drive from his kampung to Bintulu town.

While HTB here, we have few plans on mind. First, to get a form to register our marriage, attend our marriage course, take pre wedding photo (so, have to choose our baju & fitting). Luckily I already booked from one of the Bridal Shop in Bintulu (I think last February). Senang ma, everything has been settled and tak pening-pening kepala to think about money. hee. he.e he..

I can't believe it

Received phone call from HTB (Husband To Be) just now, and guess what? We have our honeymoon package, 3 days 2 night at (dirahsiakan buat sementara waktu). Compliments from HTB nyer anak buah. HTB attend Jamuan Jasamu DiKenang last night and his anak buah hadiahkan package bulan madu to him.

Me? Of courselah terkejut. Ialah, we haven't decide the date for our big day alih-alih dah dapat hadiah honeymoon nyer package, boleh ke cam tu? ha.a ha.a ha... Apa pun, I need to check the flight ticket to KL lah after this. (memanjang jer senyum pagi ni after I get the news)

Selamat Gawai Dayak

Happy Gawai

To all my Dayaks friends,
Wish you all Selamat Hari Gawai, Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai!
Anang udu ngirup lebuh maia Gawai, OK?

Some info that I get from the internet about Gawai Festival.

Gawai Dayak is the important annual festival celebrated in the state of Sarawak, the Land of the Hornbills. This festival is celebrated by Sarawak’s indigenous people, particularly the Ibans and the Dayaks. Sarawak’s harvest festival is known as Gawai Dayak and has only been celebrated on a large scale by the tribes since 1964.

Gawai Dayak features the conduct of a ceremonial offering which is held in towns and longhouses alike. Offerings of various foodstuff and ‘tuak’ or home-made rice wine are made to the gods of rice and prosperity. The poet of the tribe then recites a poem specially meant for the occasion and smears blood of a sacrificed cockerel over these offerings.

Once the ceremonial offering is over, the traditional celebration of the gawai begins. The community gathers around the ‘ranyai’ or ceremonial tree at the common verandah of the longhouse. Celebrations centre around the ranyai with decorated foodstuff and drinks. This festival is a combination of merrymaking, feasting and drinking of rice wine.

During the Gawai, the wearing of traditional costumes and a display of the Orang Ulu’s priceless antique beads and the Iban maiden’s silver jewellery are seen. The end of the gawai is signified by the removal of the ceremonial tree.

info from http://www.geovision.com.my

Agi Enchelak Agi Bebatak

Gayu-guru, Gerai-nyamai serta Lantang-senang

Team Zealous

Hemmm.... What to mentioned in this post huh? Nothing much happening actually. Been sick for more than a week, still tak elok lagi until now.

Yesterday, I played futsal. Ingatkan tak nak main, coz still demam, but then decided to play sebab nak keluarkan peluh bah. We play with fun, and enjoying ourself. Ha? Score? Serilah beb, 10-10. And I proudly, score 5 points for my team. Hebat tak? Takde orang puji, so pujilah diri sendirikan.

As usual, after the game ended we took pictures. Lots of pictures but I only post few saja, OKlah tu kan.

Final score

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Been busy since last week due to preparing my monthly report. And I thought that I can take a rest yesterday (Wesak Day) however, went out with my sister. We went to Salon, wash and stim our hair. Then, I decided to do my manicure and pedicure as well. And it took me half day sitting there. Reached home, my mom complaining since we went out for too long. haa. ha.. haaa...

And today, I have fever and flu. Too bad!!! Thought that I want to go home this morning, but my work is killing me. =(

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Zealous vs Phoenix

We have our futsal game last night. Our team, Zealous, lost, 6-9. However, I score 4 points (banggalah tek!). To my team, Hajiah, Huzaimah, Suhanna, Adelyn, Rosita & Hawa, no worries, we play with full of energy and spirit. Cayalah kitak orang. Photo session after the game ended.

Want to see my skill?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day on 11th May 2008

To all mum out there, I think it not too early for me to say, Happy Mother's Day especially to my mom, Mdm. Katerina Chandang. You're a great mom and we love you very much. And we know that you work very hard to support us since 'Apak' left this world 21 years ago.

Last year I still base in KL office and unable to celebrate it with her. I just greet her on the phone and surprised her with a cake. And this year we plan to invite mom for dinner and buy her a gift.

This picture taken during Christmas 2006 when i'm still in KL and she give me a visit.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

So Very the Ganas

Lord, please forgive me for i'm too greedy. =) Well, well, well, my futsal training last night just a waste of time. Why? See below.

Lobster Hot cold Dish - Before
Hot Cold Dish - After
Stewed Combination Shark's Fin Soup
Pai Hua Chicken - Before (Sedap siot!)
Pai Hua Chicken - After (Very the licin!!!)
Steam Fish (Seasonal) - Before
Steam Fish (Seasonal) - After
Broccoli Pacific Clam - Before (However, I forgot to took picture of the empty plate. muahaahaa)
Steak Pie - Before
Steak Pie - After
Mashed Potato - Before
Mashed Potato - After
Peking Duck - Before
Peking Duck - After
Mangolia Prawn - Before
Mangolia Prawn - After
Black Mushroom with Baby Kai Lan - Before (but for me this like sawi not baby kai lan!)
Black Mushroom with Baby Kai Lan - After
Pepper & Garlic Steak - Before
Pepper & Garlic Steak - After
Chocolate Mousse - Before
Chocolate Mousse - After
Now you know why! hee.. he.. hee... Isn't it too much? Oh ya! The occasion is due to one of our Vendor completed their job. And as an appreciation, their representative invited us for a lunch.
Mr. Vendor (White kemeja) with Mr. Ivan (Rotating Engineer - I guess) and En. Ahmad Faizal (Logistic Coordinator)
Ann, myself & Rosita
Myself, Rosita, Hajiah & Hayati (muka yang kelaparan)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Yeay!!!! Will go for my Futsal game again this evening. Can't wait!

Monday, May 5, 2008

My 100th Post

Finally!!!! This is my 100th post. I thought that it will be easy to blog. haaa. haaa.. haaa... Sometimes, no idea what to blog. =) Anyway, to memorize it, Spencer, is the one who introduce me to blog's world.

p/s : Spen, if you read my blog, I just wanna say HI to you and your family. Quite a long time tak jumpa, eventhough we're in Bintulu. Jemput-jemputlah datang ke rumah.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

I adore

Friends, do you adore "kebaya nyonya" just like me? I love those who wear kebaya nyonya. Both me and my mom has a few collection of this "baju". And even we travel to Dalat last time to get our kebaya nyonya done by one of the old lady in Dalat. That old lady was the expert in designing the kebaya nyonya. Gosh! I love her kebaya nyonya design. She has a lots of it which she told us she wear it every Sunday to attend Mass. Actually, she was introduced by my friend, Edwina. And for me, it not a waste to have one of her handmade kebaya nyonya (mahal beb, tempah satu baju jer dah RM250++, itupun design yang paling simple). My mom tempah 2 kebaya nyonya, costs her for more than RM500++ and myself only request for 1.

And during my trip to KL, I went to Jalan TAR and search for kebaya nyonya. Crazy kan? And guess what? I bought 4 pieces of kebaya nyonya and it cost me RM500++ as well. I'm not regret buying those kebaya nyonya (satisfy adalah) coz I love it very much. If can, I want to have more collection of it.However, when I reached Bintulu, my mom "bolot" 3 of it and me just get only 1. Poor me.

Kebaya Nyonya that I bought in KL.

Friday, May 2, 2008


Do you play futsal? I love futsal. When I were still in KL and worked with Ranhill we used to play once a week somewhere in Ampang Sport Planet, just next to Bora Ombak. But then, after I joined MDD, I never play futsal until last Wednesday (after a year, can't imagine that!). Wah!!! Fantastic! coz I sweat. haa. haa. aha...

And because of the high demand of our female staff, we will have our futsal game every Wednesday. Yahooooo!!!!!

Maureen (red shirt) tried to get the ball from me (red pant).