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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Troublemaker at home

This post dedicated to my cousin, Ocy, who are working and and at the same time taking her MSc part time at Aberdeen. Ocy, introduced to you, your nephew, Damian Mering. Bujang manchal ba rumah tok Ocy. Udah ga udu ringat. Pedih pala begulai enggau ia.

Futsal Teambuilding 2008

Here is the picture during our Futsal Teambuilding Tournament. And the best part is, my team, France (Orange) berjaya mengalahkan team England (Red), 7-1. Chewah!!!! Puji diri sendirilah ni. =)

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Alamak! Another 2 more weeks till my wedding. Am I ready??? Not sure lah. =(

Last few days I received phone call from the photographer whom I requested for his service. This guy actually an Engineer but at the same time he doing Wedding Photoshoot. Even during my engagement he did took some photo of myself. As he has a good package and at reasonable price too, so, I have a discussion with him few weeks ago in regards with the payment and so on.
However, last week he give me a call and mentioned that he going for out station and won't be around on my wedding day. I feel so sad and now he tried to get his friend to take my wedding picture on that day. hem.... Sedihkan...

Futsal - Teambuilding

Wah!!! long time I didn't update my blog. Dah bersemak jadinya. haa. aha. ha...

Anyway, latest update, my company arranged Futsal Tournament on 27th July 2008 (which is tomorrow) before the Shutdown. France is my team. huhuhu. Can't wait to play for tomorrow, and we used to go for training almost everyday for the last few weeks. And last night, my mom complaining since I used to go out in the evening for my training. And the best part is when she said, "How come you want to play tomorrow? Don't you have a lots of thing to do for the wedding?" kuang.. kuang... kuang... Can't say anything to her, but I promised her that after the tournament I will go home straigh away. (",)

p/s: if I have time, will update about the tournament.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bintulu Regatta 2008

Wah!!! I think the last time I saw Regatta in Bintulu in year 1988 and during that time was in conjunction with 25 years Sarawak Merdeka dalam Malaysia. And now after 20 years, there is another Regatta but I can't remember what is the reason for this Regatta (I think for 30 years BDA kot!) Ialah, eventhough I stay here in Bintulu but I don't have time to check out what news in Bintulu actually. And I heard this months lots of festival in Bintulu and one of it International Kite Festival.

However, I don't think i'm interested to watch the Regatta, panas beb! haa. haa.a ha.a....

Today, i'm going to bring my cousin, Abline to choose her baju for my wedding, and fitting some more. Then need to find the place for reception and church decoration. Arrghhh!!! Most of the restaurant here are occupied on that day! So how????

On Thursday night, I went to few shops to survey for church decoration but it quite expensive. huh!!! Tak berbaloi langsunglah. So, now my 2nd option is, i'm going to deco it myself. Will ask my auntie to help me. Grrrr....... Yalor... I don't want to waste my money ma....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not my day

Gosh!!!! What happen to me today? I'm not in a mood!!!! =(
Feel like I want to scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is the wedding scared me???

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Weekday activity

Quite a time I didn't update about my futsal game. We have our game every Tuesday night at Saturn Futsal.

While hubby were in Bintulu for his annual leave in Bintulu last month he give me a support (perli sebenarnya). He always perli me coz I told him that I score few goals during every game and he don't believe it. (Ingat aku kaki bangku ke? hee. hee... hee....) And I prove it to him that i can 'tendang itu bola'. phew...... However, he has fun watching us, ialah we're not a pro but we play for fun. And at the end, he join us, mixed game. And both team score, 8-8.

As usual, after game ended, photo session is a must. (",)