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Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Plus

Last night, rasa boring kat rumah. My brother, wife & Damian went to KKB ada Family Carnival. My mom not around for a week (travel to KL together with SIDS Members)

Kebetulan lama jugak tak hang out together with my sister. Ialahkan, if my mom around tak selesa jugak bila kita orang nak keluar, mesti she wants to follow. heee..heee..heee... Then, i'm asking my sister if she have a class that night. Nasib baik takde kelas. If ada, harus aku kebosanan kat rumah.

At first, we went to Mall and looking for our own stuff. Then, after pusing-pusing I asked my sister where she want to makan. Kebetulan Ezy Plus not far from where we park our car, we choose to lepak there tapi tak jadi sebab ramai orang. Pusing punya pusing then we went to A Plus. Eh! Eh! Baru perasan nama hampir sama jer, tadi nak pergi Exy Plus but now pergi A Plus lah pulak. =) Actually few times jugak I pass by this place before tapi tak pernah nak lepak kat sini. So, we give a try. Not bad jugak. Tapi we decide to lepak kat ground floor, malas nak naik atas. I like the design. If tengok from outside pun nampak classy jer. Good place to lepak.

Simple & rasa tenang jer. Music pun best.

I ordered Mango Olay. Sedap! Not sweet, just nice.
My sister ordered their home made soya bean.

Chicken wings yang sangat sedap. Betul, tak tipu.

French Fries. Nampak mcm biasa but when u taste it, fuh!
Finally, Pink Lady.

Sure I nak lepak kat A Plus again next time. Oh ya! I think A Plus ni their specialties is more to ice cream. Lots of ice cream menu until rambang mata but then they recommend us to try the Pink Lady, which is memang yummy.
Will bring Damian & Brandon next time. Sure both of them will love it!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tag lagi

OK, this time tag about perfume. I don't have an up-to-date punya perfume. Cuma at the moment, I addicted to VS. Cerita pasal body mist boleh jugakan?

I have few collections of Victoria Secret - Body Mist. I like the sweet smell. I use it to the office most of the time and senang masuk dalam handbag, if rasa nak sembur just sembur jer. =) Some of this I ordered online, and some I ordered from my friend (Kawan wife dia kerja pramugari kan), so senang nak kirim.

My VS Body Mist.
1. Strawberries & Champagne 2. Romantic Wish 3. Sweet Temptation 4. Pure Seduction
5. Pear Glace 6. Forbidden Fantasy 7. Blossoming Romance 8. Love Spell
I have 9 VS but gave 1 to my sister.
All of these, I love Romantic Wish, Sweet Temptation & Love Spell. These 3 I use most of the time.
And now, as you can see, this is my perfumes collection. Tak banyakkan?
Provocative - Elizabeth Arden, Eternity - CK, Pleasures - Estee Lauder, Clinique - Happy, CD - Diorissimo, Miracle - Lancome, Be Delicious - DKNY
Most of these are given by my boss from previous company.
Untungkan jadi Secretary, dapat boss yang baik hati & his wife pun sama always buy me gift for Christmas & birthday. Tapi itu dulu semasa jadi Secretary, sekarang sudah bertukar kerjaya. hee.heee.. Now my ex-boss sudah retired and stay in Montana. Tapi, we still keep in touch.

Yang paling I like most is Be Delicous - DKNY, bauannya rasa seperti ingin dimakan. =)
This perfume saya beli di Isetan a few days before saya demob to Bintulu Office. Provocative - Elizabeth Arden pun saya beli di Isetan, during that time saya keluar bertiga bersama Wawa & Zurina. I think masa tu each one of us bought 1 perfume each.

Jadi, ini sajalah perfumes collection saya at the moment. Next time we talk about handbag punya collection nak tak?

Kuching - Day 3

It's Monday and maksudnya hari ke-3 saya di Kuching. That morning we round-round looking for a place for breakfast. And I ordered ayam penyek. Not very yummy. I only eat half of it.
After isi perut, our group split to 2. Maya and Maureen went to Anggun at Satok. Bershopping sakan dia orang di Anggun, apa tidak all those kebaya yang berlabuci bagai, harga rm400++ dia orang bagi discount sampai harga rm40 - rm80 sepasang. Harus dia orang tak membeli. Like they said, rambang mata, Maureen cekup 6 pasang baju & Maya get only 4. And 4 of us going to Crown Tower & tHe Spring.
Crown Tower, I like the design.
Di sini, saya cuma membeli mainan for my buah hati, Damian.

And, then tHe Spring. I went to Charles & Keith Satu pujian untuk diriku sebab tahan iman dari membeli. =) Or sebenarnya saya sudah target di Pavilion, KL?

tHe Spring

Tapi sayang, baru je kita orang melepak kat sini, blackout pulak. Boleh? Geram pun ada. So, we all lepak at Kluang Cafe. And harus ada Big Apple tau. hee.eee..heee.. My friend pun tergoda jugak, I asked them to try the Durian Flavour. Semua said yummy. Went back to the hotel at 12:30pm nak check out.

After check out, still have time, we went crazy and pergi Anggun sebabnya some of them interested with the baju kebaya & shawl yang Maureen beli. Kak Zana bought 2 kebaya for her daughter. Cantik shawl yang dijual tapi sayang no red colour, the owner said red colour sudah habis diborong oleh Dr. Fadzley (yg penyanyi tu). Biarlah aku promote sikit pasal this kedai, the owner win 3rd place during Piala Datin Seri Endon 2007 (ala, yang pasal pertandingan batik tu). How do I know? Because, the daughter of this kedai sent us back to the hotel. Harus dia bermurah hati nak hantar, my friends spents almost 1K over there. For those in Kuching singahlah ke Anggun, tengah sales stock clearance. But I do really like the owner and her daughter very friendly person.

OK, time to go to the airport. And it's raining. And lepas tu flight delayed for 45 minutes. =( Reached Bintulu at 8:30pm. I'm tired.

Kuching - Day 2 (Part 2)

On our second day in Kuching, went to Satok. Bought souveniers (pua kumbu & key chain). After puas pusing-pusing Pasar Minggu Satok then we went to Parkson @ Riverside Majestic because my friends looking for their baju, heels, tudung for our event that night.

At Satok.
I brought my make up kit tapi sebab malas nak make up then we asked the promoter at Clarins Counter if she provide those service and we found out it cheap. So, 6 of us make an appointment. Maureen and I went to Hair Do at SP, Maureen set rambut and myself said wash only tapi tengoklah hasilnya. Then with that 'vogue hair style' we cross the road and went to Parkson for make up. Malu pun ada tau nasib baiklah kat Kuching orang tak kenalkan.

And this is the result. Thanks to Clarins yang telah 'mencantikkan' kita orang. =)
While waiting for others friend, so kita org pun posing sakanlah.

Oh! This is the dress that I bought at Blook but not the Cardigan.
Itu Cardigan lama from Yin & Yang kebetulan matching with my dress.

With Huzaimah & Maureen. We're ready!

With Rosita.
Officemate yang attend the event except Bron (not in the picture).

OK, this is the event. Nampak tak pelamin tu, cantikkan? Well, we all went to Kuching sebab nak attend our colleague punya wedding.

Inilah Pengantin Perempuan. Smile all the way! She's very pretty that night.
And we loves her dress, simple but look nice.

'Pengantin Baru' are smiling.

Feels like only yesterday I get married. heeee...heeee.heee...
OK, enough! Yours truly diapit Bron & Kak Zana.
Ada gamelan tau, but too lazy nak ambik gambar at the front.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kuching - Day 2

Opps! Kenapa saya jadi cantik begini di Kuching? heee...heee...heee.... Perasan eh!

This is the original picture.

The same picture as above tapi telah diedit.

And this, charcoal version.

Kenapa saya jadi begini? Sebenarnya, saya ada event di Kuching on Sunday evening. Itulah sebabnya kita orang ramai-ramai terbang ke Kuching bersama-sama. What is the event? I will mentioned later.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kuching - Day 1

We landed KIA at 8:30pm and went direct to Holiday Inn Kuching.

Our room number.
After check in, then headed to Top Spot, walk distance, about few minutes walk from the holiday. Looking for food, we're hungry. And I heard the seafood are cheap over there.
With Maureen while waiting for our dinner.

With Maya, beautiful lady from Ranau.
My collegue, Hayati recommend us to try Oyster Egg and i'm wondering how it look like. She said it's yummy and after we taste it,we feel the same way too. Crunchy! However, a little bit oily. Some of my friends said, the other stall have a better taste.
Oyster Egg

I think Butter Prawn at Bintulu Golf Club is the best. I don't like this one.

Prawn cooked inside the bamboo. My friend ordered it for us and it costs RM70++ only for this dish. Too expensive!

I guess, the food at Top Spot considered cheap (we ordered 2 veges, sotong goreng with tepung, ikan bakar, buttered prawn + drinks costs us around rm130, except for the prawn.
Muka yang kekenyangan.


I'm tired, that all I can say! Our flight yesterday delayed for 45 minutes. Gosh!!! The KIA 'tidak mesra penumpan langsung' (ada ke ayat macam tu? hee. heeee...heee..). Not much seat for waiting and the arrival & departure are in the same place. huh!! Pening kepala tengok manusia yang arrive semalam. I don't believe it. Even Bintulu have a better and organize airportlah. I mean the arrival & departure hall are not in the same place. If you depart you will not meet up with those who arrive. But in KIA, you will meet up with those who arrive. No wonder I heard so many complaints about KIA before. Last time when I went to Kuching, the airport are still under construction.

Anyway, i'm enjoying myself while in Kuching. Will updates with pictures later.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kuching, here I come!!!

I'm flying to Kuching this evening. Will be back on Monday evening.

I guess the last time I went to Kuching in year 2005. During my final semester (MassComm), one of the project is, we need to organize Family Day for MassComm Students and we decided to do it in Damai Beach Resort. Cool!!! We have lots of fun. And that's it! Since then, no more Kuching trip.

And today, I will be landed in Kuching after so many years!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Our little house

Introduced, our "cute" little house.

Before I came to KL for holiday, Mr. Hubby have to "bertungkus-lumus" paint the house. He asked me what colour will be painted at the living room, master bedroom, guest room & dining hall. And I choose red theme for our living room. Our master bedroom, dark brown and light pink, so 'cantek' but then no pictures for our bedroom okies, terlupa nak ambik. Guest room & dining hall pun I forgot to take pictures. (no worries, next time kan Wawa - you promised me my flight ticket, muahaahaaa).

Anyway, poor Mr. Hubby have to do it sorang-sorang but lucky him because his friends help him painting and move all his stuff from 'rumah bujang' to our 'new' house. Thanks to his friends. As an appreciation for their help i'm invited them to our house, having dinner with them and besides I can meet up with their wife as well. Means, I have new friends in KL. =)

Our living hall (red & yellow theme)

Even the curtain is red in colour (lucky, we found the red curtain)

And the best part is, from the balcony, we can view KLCC & Menara KL. Very the 'cantek' during night time tau. Very the colourfull.

However, Menara KL not so clear in this picture.
Eventhough the house are small but both of us are happy with it. So, what next??? Wish to have our own house (someday, we will. Still looking for a house nearby my mom's place)

Cuti-Cuti KL - Part 3

Hermm.... what to mention huh??? While i'm in KL I didn't go to any shopping mall. I can't believe it myself. Kesiankan? I have so many plans in mind, want to buy this that and that. I want to go here, here and here. But then, when I saw so many boxes not yet unpack by Mr. Hubby at our home then I have to cancell all my plan and help him to tidy up the house.

But then, on Saturday afternoon, our friend, Mr. E called and asked me to get him Croc Sandal. We went to Subang Parade since Mr. Hubby so 'malas' to drive to Mid Valley (jammed giler). And you know what! When we entered Subang Parade and go around, Wawa decided to go to Blook She knew i'm looking for a dress for myself. Phew!!! Nasib baik ada dress brown colour. (why I choose brown? next entry, K?)

hohoho After our 'mission' completed (bought Croc Sandal), I saw Big Apple and don't want to miss it. Thanks to Wawa, she know how I miss Big Apple. Oopsss!!!! Now people, you know how much I "heart" Big Apple. heee. he.eeee...

I took his picture while waiting for Wawa at the counter.

After Subang Parade, we headed to StarBucks @ Carrefour and I get myself Iced Toffee Nut Latte. Yummy Yummy. Oh well, thanks again to Wawa Big Apple & Starbucks, her treats. Next time bayarlah lagi. heee...heee...heee....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cuti-Cuti - Part 2

As I promised. Here some pictures and story during my trip to KL last few weeks. Thanks to En. XXX & friends (Mr. Hubby's students who sponsored this trip).

At first we thought it only a 3 days and 2 night stay at Seri Bayu Beach Resort at Port Dickson. But then, once we check in on 5th November (my birthdaylah tu) their staff asked us what time we want to get ready for our candle light dinner. And we said, what!!!!! Biar betul ni. And we said is that a mistake. No sir, En. XXX booked under honeymoon package for both of you. Gheee.... What a suprised! hee. heee... hee... (and the best part is both of us only bring shorts, shirts & myself wearing flip flop and Mr. Hubby wearing his sandal).

Pintu Gerbang Port Dickson
And i'm quite impressed with the way they welcome us to our room. Namanya dah honeymoon packagekan? We received a basket of roses, two gifts for both of us, a basket of fruits (decorated), and a bottle of sparkling juice (kot?).
Our Room

After we check in then we headed to Pantai Teluk Kemang. Lucky us since it is during weekdays not much people at the beach not like during the weekend, hundreds of peoples. Bought few gifts for my colleagues & family. Then, went back to Resort and get ready for our Dinner. They served, mushroom soup with bun, tropicana juice, chicken chop, ice cream & tea. However, not much pictures here. These pictures taken from my HP. And most of our pictures taken using Mr. Hubby camera and I forgot to take out the memory card.

Our Dinner
Mushroom Soup
On second day, the serverd us with steamboat. Yummy!!! And too many food bah (vege, meat, crabs, prawn, fish fillet, eggs, tofu, fish cakes, fish balls, and more) . And there is another couple on that night having their candle light dinner. =)


Mr. Hubby can't wait already.

All in all, we are happy with this trip. Actually, lot of pictures taken, beaches, sunset and more but then I left the memory card with Mr. Hubby.
p/s: next entry will be our 'cute' little house.

Good Morning!

Good morning, my Friend
I just want to say
I hope you have
A Beautiful day
And as the sun
Rises in the sky
The clouds I see
Are passing by
And on each cloud
A wish for you
That you'll enjoy
All that you do
And know you're loved
In every way
I hope you have A Beautiful Day!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Cuti-cuti - Part 1

Wah!! cepatnya masa berlalu. hampir satu minggu aku balik dari holiday, tapi still jugak tak update pasal my holiday. heee..heee.h eee.. Biasalah, bila penyakit M telah menyerang.

Petang aku sampai tu, hubby and I directly went to Subang coz nak jumpa my cousin, Wawa. From LCCT to Subang I pulak yang jadi co-pilot, boleh? hee.h e.ehe Mr. Hubby tak familiar with that place so, akulah tukang tunjuk jalan. Nasib baiklah aku still ingat jalan and dapatlah kita orang mengelak dari traffic.

And, of course tempat perjumpaan kita orang kat Crimson Damansara. Lepak kat my favourite place, Big Apple. Duh! dapat juga aku melepaskan rindu makan donut Big Apple (I heart durian flavour & Cheese - Yummy). Plus, hot chocolate. A good place to relax, coz tak ramai people kat situ. Maybe orang tak familiar sangat with that place. Actually, Crimson Damansara not far from Ara Damansara (where I stayed before).

Then, after melepaskan rindu dendam with Big Apple we take times to jalan-jalan, and i'm quite surprise banyak jugak butik kat situ and besides their price pun reasonable. Hey! Ada Starbuck lagi, 2 tigkat ok? so cute that place. Nasib baiklah dah kenyang, if not memang teringin nak lepak kat Starbuck (terlupalah pulak nak ngambik gambar). hee.h e.ehhe.

On our way back nak ngantar Wawa balik rumah dia, we saw durian. Wah!!!! Macam sedap jer tapi mahallah. RM9 per kg. Mr. Hubby said if beli pun bukan untung, beli kulit jer. Tapi untuk melepaskan geram we buy yang dalam packet tu, RM10 for 2 packs and we bought 5 packs for RM20 only. Takut jugaklah mula-mula, takut tak fresh. Lucky us, the durian are fresh and sweet. Bolehlah untuk melepaskan gian nak makan durian kan.

Itulah serba sedikit about my holiday. Part 2 akan menyusul kemudian.