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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cuti-Cuti - Part 2

As I promised. Here some pictures and story during my trip to KL last few weeks. Thanks to En. XXX & friends (Mr. Hubby's students who sponsored this trip).

At first we thought it only a 3 days and 2 night stay at Seri Bayu Beach Resort at Port Dickson. But then, once we check in on 5th November (my birthdaylah tu) their staff asked us what time we want to get ready for our candle light dinner. And we said, what!!!!! Biar betul ni. And we said is that a mistake. No sir, En. XXX booked under honeymoon package for both of you. Gheee.... What a suprised! hee. heee... hee... (and the best part is both of us only bring shorts, shirts & myself wearing flip flop and Mr. Hubby wearing his sandal).

Pintu Gerbang Port Dickson
And i'm quite impressed with the way they welcome us to our room. Namanya dah honeymoon packagekan? We received a basket of roses, two gifts for both of us, a basket of fruits (decorated), and a bottle of sparkling juice (kot?).
Our Room

After we check in then we headed to Pantai Teluk Kemang. Lucky us since it is during weekdays not much people at the beach not like during the weekend, hundreds of peoples. Bought few gifts for my colleagues & family. Then, went back to Resort and get ready for our Dinner. They served, mushroom soup with bun, tropicana juice, chicken chop, ice cream & tea. However, not much pictures here. These pictures taken from my HP. And most of our pictures taken using Mr. Hubby camera and I forgot to take out the memory card.

Our Dinner
Mushroom Soup
On second day, the serverd us with steamboat. Yummy!!! And too many food bah (vege, meat, crabs, prawn, fish fillet, eggs, tofu, fish cakes, fish balls, and more) . And there is another couple on that night having their candle light dinner. =)


Mr. Hubby can't wait already.

All in all, we are happy with this trip. Actually, lot of pictures taken, beaches, sunset and more but then I left the memory card with Mr. Hubby.
p/s: next entry will be our 'cute' little house.

2 busy body:

Tuchum Lelegup...Ren said...

Aduh Bi, jeles aku meda eh. P
Honeymoon package wei, mana tak "grand" !

bibie said...

Sponsor bala student ia Ren. Ngam-ngam ga student ia 2 org nya nyau 'ditikau' org gawa ditu. Sekali meda nyau berjiran enggau kami ga, student ia lorong 1 kami 2nd lorong.