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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kuching - Day 1

We landed KIA at 8:30pm and went direct to Holiday Inn Kuching.

Our room number.
After check in, then headed to Top Spot, walk distance, about few minutes walk from the holiday. Looking for food, we're hungry. And I heard the seafood are cheap over there.
With Maureen while waiting for our dinner.

With Maya, beautiful lady from Ranau.
My collegue, Hayati recommend us to try Oyster Egg and i'm wondering how it look like. She said it's yummy and after we taste it,we feel the same way too. Crunchy! However, a little bit oily. Some of my friends said, the other stall have a better taste.
Oyster Egg

I think Butter Prawn at Bintulu Golf Club is the best. I don't like this one.

Prawn cooked inside the bamboo. My friend ordered it for us and it costs RM70++ only for this dish. Too expensive!

I guess, the food at Top Spot considered cheap (we ordered 2 veges, sotong goreng with tepung, ikan bakar, buttered prawn + drinks costs us around rm130, except for the prawn.
Muka yang kekenyangan.

2 busy body:

MaMa iVaN said...

woah nang entam mena2 ko enjoy makan sia...Kuching is heaven of food! mun aku gi KCH sik leh miss makan sinun...but so bad im not a seafood lover coz allergic so makan apa yang ku pat makan jak..best nya kau enjoy sia!!

bibie said...

Nang enjoy juak sebab pergi sama kawan office. Lagipun 2 of our friends ya (from Sabah & KL) dua-dua sik pernah pergi Kch. Tapi sayang sik ada masa mok berjalan gilak sebab kamek org rush ada event on Sunday evening.