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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Kuching - Day 2 (Part 2)

On our second day in Kuching, went to Satok. Bought souveniers (pua kumbu & key chain). After puas pusing-pusing Pasar Minggu Satok then we went to Parkson @ Riverside Majestic because my friends looking for their baju, heels, tudung for our event that night.

At Satok.
I brought my make up kit tapi sebab malas nak make up then we asked the promoter at Clarins Counter if she provide those service and we found out it cheap. So, 6 of us make an appointment. Maureen and I went to Hair Do at SP, Maureen set rambut and myself said wash only tapi tengoklah hasilnya. Then with that 'vogue hair style' we cross the road and went to Parkson for make up. Malu pun ada tau nasib baiklah kat Kuching orang tak kenalkan.

And this is the result. Thanks to Clarins yang telah 'mencantikkan' kita orang. =)
While waiting for others friend, so kita org pun posing sakanlah.

Oh! This is the dress that I bought at Blook but not the Cardigan.
Itu Cardigan lama from Yin & Yang kebetulan matching with my dress.

With Huzaimah & Maureen. We're ready!

With Rosita.
Officemate yang attend the event except Bron (not in the picture).

OK, this is the event. Nampak tak pelamin tu, cantikkan? Well, we all went to Kuching sebab nak attend our colleague punya wedding.

Inilah Pengantin Perempuan. Smile all the way! She's very pretty that night.
And we loves her dress, simple but look nice.

'Pengantin Baru' are smiling.

Feels like only yesterday I get married. heeee...heeee.heee...
OK, enough! Yours truly diapit Bron & Kak Zana.
Ada gamelan tau, but too lazy nak ambik gambar at the front.

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