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Friday, November 21, 2008

Our little house

Introduced, our "cute" little house.

Before I came to KL for holiday, Mr. Hubby have to "bertungkus-lumus" paint the house. He asked me what colour will be painted at the living room, master bedroom, guest room & dining hall. And I choose red theme for our living room. Our master bedroom, dark brown and light pink, so 'cantek' but then no pictures for our bedroom okies, terlupa nak ambik. Guest room & dining hall pun I forgot to take pictures. (no worries, next time kan Wawa - you promised me my flight ticket, muahaahaaa).

Anyway, poor Mr. Hubby have to do it sorang-sorang but lucky him because his friends help him painting and move all his stuff from 'rumah bujang' to our 'new' house. Thanks to his friends. As an appreciation for their help i'm invited them to our house, having dinner with them and besides I can meet up with their wife as well. Means, I have new friends in KL. =)

Our living hall (red & yellow theme)

Even the curtain is red in colour (lucky, we found the red curtain)

And the best part is, from the balcony, we can view KLCC & Menara KL. Very the 'cantek' during night time tau. Very the colourfull.

However, Menara KL not so clear in this picture.
Eventhough the house are small but both of us are happy with it. So, what next??? Wish to have our own house (someday, we will. Still looking for a house nearby my mom's place)

2 busy body:

-f-l-o- said...

Ila aku numpang bemalam enti dik bisi ba KL. Kemaya enda nya... huhuhu.

bibie said...

Kecil tapak tangan, nyiru kami tadahkan munyi ko peribahasa. =)